Woman uses daughter as weapon to take revenge from Husband

New Delhi. October 2013.

Delhi High Court acquitted a father falsely accused of rape by his own daughter. The Court observed that there was no doubt that gory incidents of rape happening everyday against women but one can also not shy away from looking at the other side where false cases are filed. The Court said that the trauma of man who has been falsely accused is worth a thought especially if the allegations have been made by his own daughter. The court sulked that because of false cases even genuine cases are seen from tainted eyes and become weak.

Justice Kailash Gambhir said that it is a common belief in society that women do not lie about rape especially against their own family member. But this case is an exception. Looking at medical evidence and circumstantial evidence as well, it is clear that the girl lied about the rape at her mother’s behest who wanted to take revenge from her ex husband. She used her daughter as a pawn to frame the man.

The court dismissed the orders passed by the lower court that had convicted the man. It acquitted the man and ordered his release from the Jail, ruing over the fact that the man had to be incarcerated for long in a false rape case.

A young man consumed poison alleging he was being falsely framed in a rape case. Father says he was not in the village when the alleged incident is said to have occured.

Judge asks where is law to protect men from false rape cases. Additional Session Judge Nivedita Anil Sharma says “Everyone is fighting for right and dignity of a woman but who will fight for dignity and honor of a man? It is time to make laws to protect men from false cases. She also asks why men who are honorably acquitted in a rape case not be called rape case survivors like rape victims are called rape survivors.


A woman implicates several men in a false gangrape case. Men produce evidence of them being present in a far off place. They produce CCTV footage of the same date and also the footage from the toll where they paid toll tax. Accused claim they had informed authorities that they can be falsely implicated.

Woman files false rape case when lover stops paying money

Tale of a woman who after divorce maintained consensual physical relationship with a man. But since he found that she had forged his signature on rent agreement of her flat, he refused to give any monetary assistance to her because of which she filed a false rape case on him.

The Judge asks the woman why she shouldn’t be punished for filing a false rape case but doesn’t actually press any charges against her.

Three arrested for extorting 45 Lacs in a False Rape Case

3 arrested for extortion of Rs 45 lakhs in a false rape case

Location – BahadurGarh ( Haryana )

Journalist – Prem Sharma

Punjab kesari ( Haryana )

Bahadurgarh police has arrested 3 persons in a case of extortion after filing a false case of rape. All 3 accused were presented in courtroom , where they were remanded to police custody.

The case was filed in January. Parminder & Krishan were arrested in Bahadurgarh & third accused Ravinder is already serving sentence in Rohtak Jail.

The case was filled on 31 January at sadar thana ,bahadurgarh in which a woman had claimed that she had been raped. After extorting money , the woman had turned hostile in the court which led to the acquittal of the accused . After his acquittal , the accused filed a case in bahadurgarh that he was threatened by the woman & 3 accomplices with the jail & had ended up paying 45 lakhs. The case was registered at sadar thana & taking cognizance of the seriousness of the case , SP Sumit Kumar conducted in depth investigation & after arresting the accused presented them to the courtroom.

Women tear own clothes to extort Money

Headline : Women tore own clothes and extorted Rs90,000 , 5 gang members arrested including 2 women


Ramgarh, 11 October: Police has arrested 5 gang members including 2 women for interrogation who were involved in extorting money after slapping false rape cases. All gang members are based in the state of Haryana.

Police incharge Surendra Singh Rawat told that a localite Mushtaq khan, son of Fajru khan, registered a complaint regarding receiving phone calls from an unknown woman from past few days who was consistently asking him to meet. On Sunday Evening, he was sitting in his office near Niwali gate. Suddenly, 2 women came inside forcefully, started harassing him, tore their clothes and started screaming. Other gang members too came inside and threatened to file a rape case if adequate cash is not paid to them.

Mushtaq paid them Rs90,000 and soon thereafter informed the police. Police superintendent Rahul Prakash, on receiving his complaint, gave directions to his team to work on the case.

Police surrounded the culprits and arrested Iqbal khan, Arif khan, Magru Khan, Hansira and Sakoonat near gram bajwa corner. The extortion money was also recovered in full.

False Cases behind Delhi’s tag of Rape Capital

Location: New Delhi
Publication: Dainik Jagran

Delhi has got tag of “Rape capital” because of false rape cases.

In one of the recent cases Dwarka fast track court judge aquitted a man who was 75 years old and was accused of rape by her maid. Later on during the proceedings she denied of such facts.
On this the Hon’ble judge Virendar Bhatt commented that after the gang rape case of Vasant vihar there was a sudden increase in the filing of rape cases and because of the law the accused is arrested and defamed. In many cases the court notice that the victims are alleging aged people or unwell people. The court was shocked on that fact that a man who is 75 years old who can’t even stand on his own was accused of rape by a 30 year old lady.

“To be compensated on being acquitted”

The Judge said, once a man is alleged of rape he is already defamed in society, So on being released he should be compensated to start a new life.

” Media Never shows the news of acquited person”

The Judge further said that media never shows story of people who are honorably acquitted by the court. The man remains an accused in the eyes of the society.

The man named Bhopal sharma, 75 who was accused of rape met the victim( Anita) in hospital where the wife of accused was admitted. After the death of wife of bhopal, anita started working as a domestic worker at his home. Later on she accused him of rape but denied such allegations in court. It was found that she conspired with another man (Kuldeep) to take the property of aged man by accusing him of such heinous crime.

The endless “NO”

19 July 2019

Since we started one of the major issue we have faced is to convince people to tell their story. Rape is a heinous offence. Being called a “Rapist” when you’re innocent probably the biggest crime that can be committed upon a man.

There are endless tales of false accusations of rape against men in India. Various courts have commented upon this issue, expressed concern and passed strong judgments. Justice Nivedita Anil Sharma in fact stated in one of her judgment that it’s time to “protect men” from such accusations and call men who are honorably acquitted from false rape cases as “rape case survivors”

The kind of shame and stigma this tag carries even though you have all the proof of your innocence is evident from the fact that while we reached out to several false rape accused, most hesitated to come and talk about it. It isn’t that they don’t have confidence to talk about their innocence and suffering, but they fear the unknown after facing trauma of long incarceration and then a humiliating trial. They don’t want to take any chance to go through the ordeal again as they fear what if the state appeals against them.

One of such stories is of Bijender from Haryana. He was falsely accused of rape by a woman who actually did this in a gang to extort money. She and her sister had accused men of rape earlier and extorted money from them and they did the same with Bijender as well. He was honorably acquitted and even granted compensation of 5Lacs by the court. But when he pressed for execution of the said amount, state appealed against his acquittal and High Court stayed his compensation. The case continues.

We wanted to document his story in our documentary. But one of the reasons he expressed his inability to do the same is “fear of unknown” with all the cards stacked against him. We briefly interviewed Bijender, visited his village and met his family but eventually he didn’t say yes for being part of the film. His final words were… What if something goes wrong. I have already suffered so much, I don’t want to suffer anymore. We had to eventually drop the case from the film because we didn’t want to cause any troubles to him if he wasn’t comfortable. But his was a tale worth telling. On the day his accuser said he raped her, Bijender was actually lying on a hospital bed. Not just this, while the woman claimed Bijender kidnapped her from a busy roundabout in Rohtak, brought her to Delhi, raped her in a hotel and dumped her back in Rohtak, in reality, it was her in a hotel in Delhi with her own husband on that day. The case had strong background of collusion between the complainant and the police as this woman was a habitual false rape accuser, used to get indirect benefits to police as well.

Another rejection we faced was from a high profile bureaucrat who was accused of rape by lady he was in a live-in relationship for two years. The reason for this case is that the man stopped fulfilling her increasing monetary demands and lavish lifestyle and objected to her taking advantage of his position to get her unethical works done. Despite himself being a very powerful bureaucrat and close aid of a minister, he spent months behind bars. He was eventually acquitted and set free but in his own words he said “My life has been ruined. There’s nothing left in it to discuss. The case took away everything I had. I don’t wish to relive the nightmare” This elderly man also refused to speak about his case and his honorable acquittal.

There’s another case of a young man accused of rape on promise of marriage by his girlfriend who he met on a dating app. I have read and gone through extensive evidence he has to prove his innocence. This boy didn’t even have a sexual intercourse with this girl but just because she says he promised her marriage, had sex and then backed off, she’s being believed more than him. This poor boy spent two months behind bars before the judge granted him bail seeing strong evidence with him of the kind of relationship which existed between them. This boy regularly sends me whatsapp status of his rape accuser. She openly posts things like “There is something called divorce. You should have married me once rather than suffering for the rest of your life” Or “I won’t let any bitch to take you away from me” and much more outrageous status messages. I wanted to interview this boy. I have counselled him for days and months to be positive and not think about suicide or any wrong step. I keenly wanted to show his case in the film but can’t do it because 1) the case is subjudice and 2) this boy feels this girl will then harass him for his entire life for telling her truth to the world. His parents are also extremely scared about consequences 3) His family has somehow started to live again after all the humiliation and loss of reputation in the society and they wish to do nothing that can remotely disturb that.